Pied Beauty

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889)

Glory be to God for dappled things—
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches' wings;
Landscape plotted and pieced—fold, fallow, and plough;
And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim.

All things counter, original, spare, strange;
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:

Praise him.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bloom Day

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!  And thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting.  Visit her lovely garden -- and the links to gardens all over the world.

July flowers in Houston are something else entirely.  Florid.  Baroque.  Luscious. Extravagant.  Vivid.  It's a good thing there are a few white things blooming or we'd all go mad, just in time for the dog days of summer.

Without further ado, here's tropical July.

 (Coneflowers left or top, Mallow right or bottom)

(Two hot purslanes)

(Blue Butterfly Pea left, Turk's Cap right)

(Esperanza or Yellow Bells left, Crinum 'Ellen Bosanquet' right)

('Fireworks' Gomphrena left or top, Rudbeckia right or bottom)

(Evergreen Wisteria left or top, Dwarf Red Canna right or bottom)

And now, to cool things off a bit:
(Crinum powellii 'Album')


  1. aloha,

    i love your photos of your beautiful flowers especially that beautiful crinum

    thanks for sharing your blooms today.

  2. Those are some hot photos - great summer colors.

  3. What kind of purslane are those? They look fantastic!

  4. I'm not sure, really. Just old-fashioned moss rose. The fuchsia one may be "Rio Rose" but I can't be positive. Around here, they reseed freely and return year after year and it's hard to remember what they were! Glad you like them!